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Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Emeritus
Christian origins
Early Judiasm
George and Sallie Cutchin Camp Professor of Bible
Program Coordinator, Jewish Studies
New Testament
Early Christianity
Lewis T. Booker Professorship in Religion & Ethics
Professor of Religious Studies and Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law (PPEL)
Western Religious Thought
Weinstein-Rosenthal Professor of Jewish and Christian Studies
Old Testament history and thought
American Judaism
Professor of Religious Studies
Conceptions of the body and language in early Chinese texts
Associate Professor of Religious Studies in Islam
Islamic history
Professor of Religious Studies, Emeritus
Professor, George Matthews & Virginia Brinkley Modlin Chair in Leadership Studies
Social Justice and Immigration Policy
Religious Leadership
Popular Religion
Political Culture (Late Antiquity through Early Modern Period)
Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
Hebrew Bible
Early Judaism
Ancient Near Eastern Religion
University Professor Emeritus, Dean of Arts and Sciences Emeritus
History and philosophy of psychology
The social, cultural, and conceptual context and impact of psychology
The relations between psychology and other disciplines
Associate Professor of Religious Studies
History of religions
Religions of India
Gender and Religion
University Professor
Christian Tradition
Contemporary Religious Thought
Theory in Gender and Women's Studies
Religion and Political Theory
Professor of Religious Studies and American Studies
Chair, Department of Religious Studies
Religion in early America
Native American religions
Religion and popular/material culture