Obtaining a degree in the liberal arts can make it easier to find a rewarding career. Each major and minor within the School of Arts & Sciences carries with it a unique list of skill sets sought by increasing numbers of employers. Across industries, employers look for a combination of skills and interests that suit their needs.

Prepared for Anything
Any career that involves facility in critical thinking, reading, writing and/or communication is a potential job for a religious studies major. If you study what you are passionate about, you are much more likely to discover and develop your own personal skills, interests and values that ultimately will help you find satisfying work.

Skills You Will Gain as a Religious Studies Major

  • Developing a global perspective
  • Conveying complex information
  • Analyzing texts and social behavior
  • Understanding assumptions and presuppositions
  • Reasoning logically
  • Writing effectively
  • Linking specific issues to broad concepts
  • Acknowledging and weighing perspectives

Get Out There

Remember, it’s never too early to visit Career Services. Exploring how your skills, experiences, interests and values can influence your career choices is something you can do from your first year at Richmond through your fourth and beyond. Whether you are searching for that first job, exploring graduate school options, or considering something unique like a bridge experience or fellowship, Career Services can help you get there.